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01 - Supply OK? 

Check that your gas, electricity and water supplies are all turned on and working. If you have a pre-payment meter, make sure it hasn’t run out. If you have a header tank, and you can get to it safely, make sure the ball valve is still working. 

02  - Controls on? 

Check that all the heating controls are set to be on – this could include a room thermostat, a programmer and timer, and individual radiator valves. Set all timers to on and all thermostats up, and see if the heating fires up. 

03  - Reset 

If your boiler has a reset button, try pressing this – it might take a while for the boiler to fully reset. If you don’t have a reset button, you may be able to turn the boiler off and then back on again. 

04  - Pressure

If your boiler has a pressure gauge, check that it’s somewhere in the green. If it’s too low, and you know how to top the pressure up, try this. 

05  - Pilot light 

If your boiler has a pilot light (a permanent flame that you can usually see burning even when the heating is off) check that this is still lit. If it’s gone out, try lighting it again if you know how. 

06  - Frozen pipes

If the weather has been really cold, and you have a condensate pipe running from the bottom of your boiler into an outside drain, check that this pipe hasn’t frozen. If you have a header tank in the loft, check that the pipework up here hasn’t frozen.