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In order to understand how people are feeling about the climate crisis and understand the barriers they face to take action, Island Global Research (IGR) are undertaking a regular programme of independent research on behalf of the Isle of Man Government for the duration of the first Climate Change Plan 2022-27.

1,219 residents participated in a pulse survey in June of 2023 - this is before the significant climate change linked extreme global weather events  such as wildfires, droughts and heatwaves were at their worst. The sample size gives a maximum margin of error of 2.8% with 95% confidence interval. The results can be viewed here.

The survey sought to monitor changes in viewpoints related to climate change and be used as baseline data for bench-marking policy decisions. This particular pulse survey sought to gain some insights into awareness and consideration for moving to low carbon home heating, as work is currently taking place on developing  a Low Carbon Heating Strategy in 2024.

The findings will also be used to inform public communications and engagement, and identify where further support is required.

2023 Findings


Climate change is a concern to most of the population with the younger generation and females showing a higher level of concern.

The research found that 64% of the Manx public are alarmed or concerned about climate change.

56% of people aged 16-39 indicated the issue of climate change is very or extremely important to them (vs 51% aged 40-64 and 41% aged 65+).

Most people are aware the climate is changing and feel they have a good understanding of how human activity is causing it.

The majority (93%) of people think the climate is changing but only 46% understand that human activity is mainly responsible.

41% say they understand a great deal the ways in which human activity is responsible for climate change and 54% would say they have a moderate amount of knowledge, indicating there may be a need to improve carbon literacy.

62% of people are most concerned about severe weather events such as flooding and heatwaves impacting life on the Isle of Man, with 70% of people being most concerned about severe weather events worldwide.

58% of people in the Isle of Man are concerned about nature and biodiversity loss and 53% concerned about food security.

Tackling the effects of climate change

More than half of residents (66%) believe people should take responsibility to tackle the effects of climate change by making changes to their lifestyles, but its noted some feel unable to make any changes or feel overwhelmed by information to take action.

58% of people believe they have the ability to make the changes in their life that would help to reduce the impact of climate change.

Over a third of people (36%) agreed that there is "so much information about climate change it is difficult to know what to do".  

40% of people believe they could be doing more to help the Isle of Man reach Net Zero. 54% think other people in the Isle of Man could be doing more to achieve Net Zero. And 62% believe the Isle of Man Government could be doing more to reach Net Zero.


The most frequently selected mode of transport on the Isle of Man is to drive petrol or diesel vehicle (77%) when travelling around the island.   

However, more people are now walking as their preferred method of travelling. 41% of people indicated that they walk the entire journey, followed closely by 35% who said they use the bus.

80% of people said they would find it very difficult or quite difficult to use their car less.


Over two-thirds (69%) of people in the latest survey said their primary motivation for saving energy would be to save money, while 31% said it would be for environmental reasons.

45% of respondents said that they are very concerned about the financial cost of the energy they use at home. 

Low carbon heating systems

There is good awareness of low carbon heating options.

13% said their property currently has a low carbon heating system. Financial and environmental considerations were almost equal in making the decision to install one.

25% said they would consider installing a low carbon heating system before their boiler needs replacing. 

43% of homeowners who do not have a low-carbon heating system said they would consider a low carbon heating system if their boiler needs replacing, but most would need financial assistance to do so. 

There is wide support for climate policies

64% of the Manx public are alarmed or concerned about climate change

62% think the Isle of Man Government should be doing more to reach Net Zero