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Climate Change Act 2021

The Climate Change Act 2021 creates a legal framework for climate action in the Isle of Man. Part of that framework are the climate change duties for public bodies which are designed to provide a common goal and approach across the public sector in relation to climate change. The duties cover four main areas:

(1) Contributing to national targets by reducing emissions and increasing sequestration

(2) Supporting the just transition and climate justice principles

(3) Supporting sustainable development and

(4) Protecting and enhancing biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services.   

The Act requires that guidance be published to help public bodies understand and fulfil these duties, no later than 31 March 2022.

The ‘Climate Change Duties – Guidance for Public Bodies’ has been prepared following engagement with many public bodies and in line with internationally recognised best practice.


The way in which we undertake action to reduce emissions is extremely important. A healthy, happy and well informed population; a robust and prosperous economy; plentiful job and development opportunities; and a thriving natural environment are essential and fundamental societal needs.

Meeting these needs must be at the heart of all our actions for us to deliver a future that is not just low emissions, but one which is prosperous and in which we can all thrive. We have therefore created the Fair Change Framework, which forms part of the guidance, and provides practical advice for public bodies on how to undertake climate action in ways which support our society, economy and environment.

The Fair Change Framework explains how a strong evidence base and social inclusion in policy development and decision making can effectively support the just transition and climate justice principles, sustainable development and protecting and enhancing biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services.   


Our journey to net-zero is, in many ways, uncharted territory and we will need to learn and adapt our approach as we go. This is therefore the first iteration of the guidance, which will be regularly reviewed and, if necessary, updated to ensure that it is a useful tool for public bodies.

All public bodies have been invited to ‘road test’ the guidance and provide feedback to the Climate Change Transformation Team and we are seeking volunteer public bodies to work extra closely with to inform detailed feedback and next steps for the guidance.

Based on the feedback we receive we have made a commitment to review and, if necessary, update the guidance in six months’ time.

If you work for a public body and have queries or feedback relating to this guidance please contact the Climate Change Team.