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Hop Tu Naa, an Isle of Man tradition predating Halloween, is just around the corner! The evenings are getting darker and colder, the shops are filled with decorations and sweets, and the witches are mounting their brooms! The popular spooky season can be good fun, but it can also create a lot of unnecessary waste! One 2019 study estimated that around 2,000 tons of plastic waste is generated from disposable Halloween clothing in the UK alone.

Don’t be a monster and make your Halloween green with this useful guide:

Hop Tu Naa (Halloween) costumes you can make at home

  1. Eco-friendly first costumes
    • Avoid buying anything new that will only be worn once.
    • Make your own costumes from clothing you already own or visit a charity shop or second-hand stores. This will save items from going to the landfill.
    • Borrow costumes/ clothes from friends or family to give items a new lease of life.
    • Choose costumes made from sustainable materials like cotton. Avoid polyester or plastic clothing.

Eco friendly decorations- Reusable jars wrapped in toilet paper with spooky faces, with tea light.

  1. Decorations
    • Use natural products for decorations such as pumpkins, turnips or wood that can be composted or reused after Halloween.
    • Create DIY decorations from recycled materials.
    • Avoid disposable plastic or single-use plastic decorations and opt for high-quality reusable ones you can store and bring out year after year.

Brown paper bags with plastic free sweets

  1. Treat choices
    • Bulk buy large boxes of sweets and distribute them into small paper bags as an alternative to plastic-wrapped sweets.
    • Choose sweets or chocolates with minimal packaging or that come in recyclable or compostable packaging. Soft plastics can be recycled at your supermarket.
    • Instead of using disposable plastic bags or buckets for trick-or-treat outings, use reusable cloth bags as a carrier.
    • Make homemade wholesome treats such as cookies, popcorn or trail mix in paper bags.

Turnip carved with a scary face!

  1. Turnip or Pumpkin carving
    • Don’t waste anything! Roast and eat the pumpkin seeds from your carved pumpkins, and use the inside of your turnips in soups or pies.
    • Compost the vegetables once you're done with them.

Pumpkins and lights as a minimalist Halloween decoration

  1. Take the minimalist approach
    • Embrace a minimalist Halloween by focusing on the history and culture of Hop Tu Naa, rather than excessive decorations, sweets and treats, learn the songs and dances.

By incorporating these sustainable Hop tu Naa ideas into your celebration, you can reduce waste, save resources, and enjoy the true traditions of the unique festival.


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